woke up to this.

today's customer service level?  apologetic & courteous even though deep down (ok, not so deep) i want to stab you.  first of all 80% of the time i ship anything to australia, it's a problem.   shipping time to australia (by air) has been averaging about one month.  does the package have a layover?  go on vacation?  how about the time one of my packages was quarantined for 6 weeks in australia?  australia, why are you so far away?  

i have no issue w/my australian customers, they're nice reasonable people.  (ok, maybe not this one) its just that stuff doesn't get there in anywhere near a reasonable amount of time, and i have to field an insane amount of "where's my stuff?" emails.  and to ship something relatively small to australia via canada post at a reasonable cost ($9), you get insurance for up to $100, but you don't get a tracking number.  if you want a tracking number for let's say a small envelope with some earrings, its $64.  $64!!!  more than the earrings themselves.  ugh.  efff christmas.  ok bye. 

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  1. I seriously have been using this as my "it's on its way, fuck off" form letter since you wrote this post.


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