i'll be at souk@sat all weekend!  come for a visit, i'll have a lot of new jewelry with me!  i got a sneak peek while i was setting up this morning and there's a ton of amazing stuff.  perfect presents for the holidays.  speaking of presents, i scored two super pairs of shoes, i walked by the aldo outlet on the way home, they were having a good sale.  $40 & $50 & sensible & all leather. if you've seen me recently, you know my current shoe situation is kind of sad, my biker boots are disgusting and full of holes & my rubber boots squeak.  so i needed some somewhat non cruddy shoes.  right?  right?  see you at the souk!  

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  1. Hey Elaine, it was lovely to meet you :)
    I was the one with the puppy haha
    I'd love to feature you on my blog one day if you're into that stuff!
    In fact i featured one of your necklaces on my gift guide :



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