i like to wander around malls around the holidays and it's not even to buy anything.  this time i went to a mall i've never been to before.  place versailles.  they had deer!  it's not very nice to keep deer in a mall, but they had a nice little hut where they could hide out, and it wasn't crazy busy & loud.  remember back in the day when you could get a hand full of animal feed for 25 cents?  well it's not a quarter anymore, it's a dollar.  but the best dollar i've ever spent.  it's not everyday you get a bunch of deer licking food out of your hand.  my hand was pretty sticky afterwards and i had to rinse it off in the mall fountain, and then took my d.i.y. cold fx, ginseng & echinacea.  

the sleepy ferrets were in a pet store.  i didn't think ferrets could be so cute.  i try not to support pet shops that carry live animals especially ones that sell cats & dogs, so i just went in for a quick tour & then bought my cat food across the street at the GIANT loblaws.   

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