sometimes i'm angry

a customer found this listing in my sold items.  notice the listing says "LAST ONE". i stopped making this gasmask pendant years ago, and had no intention of ever making another one.  the pendant is huge, and it's heavy, and it's really expensive to make especially because the cost of silver has gone up so much.  (double in just the last year!)  i even have to put it on a $40 silver chain because it's so heavy.  i used to like wearing this gasmask pendant, when i made it in 2006,  but i'm not so into it anymore.  you're not the boss of me, i can make whatever i want.  i try to make my customers happy, so i managed to find one floating around.   the original price for this pendant in 2006 was $120.  the price today, 5 years later is $160.  so i told the customer $140, fair enough right?  do you think maybe she means "that's an insanely good price?"... effffffffffffffff.   


  1. forgot about how expensive silver is today. Some people has no idea how valuable an unique is a pieace of jewerly made by an artist/craftsman(woman), I guess the healtiest thing is to just ignoring them.

  2. that makes me feel stabby


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