smart design mart 2011

i can't believe it's this weekend already!  come by smart design mart this friday! and saturday! and sunday!  i went into the space today to start setting up and i got trapped in the freight elevator for all of 4 minutes, i made 3 panicked phone calls and sent 2 text messages before figuring out i had jammed the doors somehow, and if i closed them all the way, i could easily let myself out.  not my finest moment.  

we've been blogging about every single one of our 95 participants so peruse our blog and start your shopping list!  i'm super excited about so many new vendors i have yet to meet!  le refuge pour chats de verdun is running the gift wrapping station, and all proceeds will go directly to them, and if you've ever been to verdun, you'll know that there are a crap-ton random cats running around, so make sure you get a lot of stuff wrapped.  

i will have new jewelry with me, stuff that's not even in my etsy shop yet!  so see you this weekend.  here's the facebook event.   

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