a very small army of even smaller robots.  they look creepy when you get a bunch of them together.  

small skulls... this is what they look like after being cast & tumbled.  still lots of work to be done.   

small skulls finished & chained up.  

severed arm pendants these are about to get oxidized.  

this is a custom version of my big ribbon bow pendant, but in 14k SOLID rose gold.  it's got such a great weight to it.  i was kind of freaked out when i first started working with it because i've never really handled so much gold before.  and if i messed up, i'd be out a lot of $$$.  i kind of want to make a lot of gold jewelry now.  

been making a lot of jewelry lately.  the fab.com sale went really well & i'm getting stock together for holiday sales & other projects here & there.  i'll be at souk@sat this year, and i'm also organizing & taking part in smart design mart.  

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