floors are going in!  the floors are going in!  carbonized vertical bamboo, nice 6 foot long planks!  it's probably not the best week to do it as i'm in the middle of organizing smart design mart (that's this upcoming weekend people!  december 2-4th & we have more than 90 phenomenal artists & designers!!!) & i'm also preparing for souk@sat the following week.  but after living on plywood subfloors that you can never get clean no matter how much you vacuum & sweep & mop & gross broken glue on vinyl tiles for about 2 years, i couldn't wait a second longer.  what's a little renovation mayhem during my busiest few weeks of the year?  it's about half done at this point and i have a super handyman that i don't want to kill, so that's a new and enjoyable feeling.  poof loves playing in the floor underlayment off cuts.  pepito doesn't really care either way.  ok, time to start the late shift of jewelry making.  

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