exhibit 1

i couldn't come up with one of my usual bland descriptive names for this pendant, so i named it exhibit 1.  not descriptive at all.  

two herkimer diamonds paired with a quartz point on a silver setting inspired by mid century sculptures & design. the herkimers are double terminated quartz crystals with 18 facets, and they're crystal clear, they're both about 1/2" long. the quartz point has tiny black inclusions & is slightly opaque & cloudy, it was chosen for it's natural imperfections. 

 the setting was sculpted in wax and then cast in solid sterling silver. it was then oxidized to a deep matte black and the only the back of the pendant and the tips were polished to a shiny finish, to give the crystals a contrasting dark background.  this pendant is one of a kind.  

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