i've been mostly focusing on my jewelry line lately, well as much as i can focus on one thing for very long.  sooo, i've been coming up with a lot of new jewelry, which i would like to do more often but to do that, i need to be able to sit still for long stretches of time without having to run around and/or work on a bunch of other ongoing projects.  whine whine whine.  

anyway, i squeezed out a bit of time to make a new t this season.  oh, whatever isn't that just another sweetheart neckline?  and haven't you done one of those for the past four seasons?  yes.  yes i have, and  i happen to like them.  besides, i had to make a new pattern.    

silk/rayon velvet front with cotton blend lace sleeves & back, silk binding at the neck & rounded hem.  just the right length so you can wear it with leggings without looking like you've forgotten to wear pants.  available at general54.  

oh, and speaking of pants, last night i was absolutely horrified when i looked inside the waistband of a pair of grey & black tie dye pull-on jeans i bought at target a couple of years ago.  it actually says "JEGGING" on the waistband.  i can't believe i really own an item of clothing with the word "JEGGING" screen printed on it.  ok, bye.  

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