messy braid

every time i make a one of a kind necklace, i want to keep it for myself.  probably because i am making it for myself.  but i have a drawers, hooks and dishes full of tangled samples and jewelry i've "made for myself", so it's time to start letting some of my one offs go.  this is a messy braid.  i made this necklace when i was making my plaited necklaces.  remember these?  

this one is made of thinner strands and looks like a braid gone wrong.  kind of like if you sleep with a braid in your hair.   kind of like how my hair looks every morning.  kind of because i can't be bothered to get a proper hair cut or even a trim and my hair is now waist length.  anyway, this one off messy braid necklace is at general54, and this braid isn't full of split ends.  

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