i've been working very hard on this for the last few weeks & keeping it a secret!  i'm doing a crazy huge flash sale with fab.com on october 31st!  i was lucky enough to be able to choose my own sale date and halloween is the best!  so it's going to be extra good this year.  the sale lasts for 3 days, there will be big discounts on my jewelry and my jewelry NEVER goes on sale.  fab is amazing, i really really like the company & what they do, they curate some super inspirational designers and taxidermy & vintage sellers too!  DROOL.  they're also kind evil because i want to buy something from at least one or two sales pretty much every day.  you will need to sign in to access the sales, but it takes 1 minute, and you don't get spammed, so it's well worth it, even for the window shopping.  here's a special invite to join the site.   don't worry, i'm not making you join a cult.  

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