caged quartz

been making some more one of a kind pieces for the holiday season and holiday shows.  if you haven't done it yet, there's still one week left to apply for this year's smart design mart.  we've secured the same 22,000 sq ft industrial space as last years, and it's going to be amazing!  lots of applications have come in already, many from new artists & designers, it's really exciting!!  

this is a giant quartz crystal point in an oxidized silver cage with a super long chain.  apparently quartz is power stone so energize and align your chakras whatever.  i'm sure it's a power stone, it can be pretty powerful if you jam it into someone's eye.  i just though it was an amazing mineral specimen.  sorry, i need to work on my sales pitch.  

here's a riddle for you:
i've been keeping a secret.  there's something big happening on october 31st.  it's not halloween, it's going to last for three days and it's going to be fabulous.  

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