fab sale! live! right now!

ok, i can't believe this is catually (that was supposed to say actually, but i've decided to keep the typo)  happening.  i'm on the front page of fab.com!!!!  my sale started at 11am, and it's on for three days.  i took a screenshot of part of my page.  but go see the rest for yourself.  who doesn't love a deal?  they did such a amazing job with my stuff, i'm super impressed by everyone i worked w/at fab.  thanks guys!!! 

morning poof.

give her a finger & she'll smash her face into it.  sorry for the dirty fingernail.  it's from working on jewelry.  this cat can be pretty demanding in the morning.  also, her beard is reaching it's winter length, so it's long enough for her to get it caught in her teeth.  time for a trim.  silly inbred kitty.  


here we go!!!!!

hey look!  i'm in the weekly preview!  my fab sale is starts at 11am tomorrow!  if you still need to sign up with fab, it's not too late.  quantities are limited and i'm also re-introducing some discontinued styles just for this sale.  happy halloween!!!!!!



i've been working very hard on this for the last few weeks & keeping it a secret!  i'm doing a crazy huge flash sale with fab.com on october 31st!  i was lucky enough to be able to choose my own sale date and halloween is the best!  so it's going to be extra good this year.  the sale lasts for 3 days, there will be big discounts on my jewelry and my jewelry NEVER goes on sale.  fab is amazing, i really really like the company & what they do, they curate some super inspirational designers and taxidermy & vintage sellers too!  DROOL.  they're also kind evil because i want to buy something from at least one or two sales pretty much every day.  you will need to sign in to access the sales, but it takes 1 minute, and you don't get spammed, so it's well worth it, even for the window shopping.  here's a special invite to join the site.   don't worry, i'm not making you join a cult.  


caged quartz

been making some more one of a kind pieces for the holiday season and holiday shows.  if you haven't done it yet, there's still one week left to apply for this year's smart design mart.  we've secured the same 22,000 sq ft industrial space as last years, and it's going to be amazing!  lots of applications have come in already, many from new artists & designers, it's really exciting!!  

this is a giant quartz crystal point in an oxidized silver cage with a super long chain.  apparently quartz is power stone so energize and align your chakras whatever.  i'm sure it's a power stone, it can be pretty powerful if you jam it into someone's eye.  i just though it was an amazing mineral specimen.  sorry, i need to work on my sales pitch.  

here's a riddle for you:
i've been keeping a secret.  there's something big happening on october 31st.  it's not halloween, it's going to last for three days and it's going to be fabulous.  


messy braid

every time i make a one of a kind necklace, i want to keep it for myself.  probably because i am making it for myself.  but i have a drawers, hooks and dishes full of tangled samples and jewelry i've "made for myself", so it's time to start letting some of my one offs go.  this is a messy braid.  i made this necklace when i was making my plaited necklaces.  remember these?  

this one is made of thinner strands and looks like a braid gone wrong.  kind of like if you sleep with a braid in your hair.   kind of like how my hair looks every morning.  kind of because i can't be bothered to get a proper hair cut or even a trim and my hair is now waist length.  anyway, this one off messy braid necklace is at general54, and this braid isn't full of split ends.  

alarm clock

woke up to a very hairy alarm clock sitting on my chest and meowing in my face.  she likes to lift up one front paw like she's about to slap me in the face and dig the other one into my ribs.  the only way to stop this is to pet her, faking being asleep no longer works.  oh well, there are way worse ways to wake up.  



i've been mostly focusing on my jewelry line lately, well as much as i can focus on one thing for very long.  sooo, i've been coming up with a lot of new jewelry, which i would like to do more often but to do that, i need to be able to sit still for long stretches of time without having to run around and/or work on a bunch of other ongoing projects.  whine whine whine.  

anyway, i squeezed out a bit of time to make a new t this season.  oh, whatever isn't that just another sweetheart neckline?  and haven't you done one of those for the past four seasons?  yes.  yes i have, and  i happen to like them.  besides, i had to make a new pattern.    

silk/rayon velvet front with cotton blend lace sleeves & back, silk binding at the neck & rounded hem.  just the right length so you can wear it with leggings without looking like you've forgotten to wear pants.  available at general54.  

oh, and speaking of pants, last night i was absolutely horrified when i looked inside the waistband of a pair of grey & black tie dye pull-on jeans i bought at target a couple of years ago.  it actually says "JEGGING" on the waistband.  i can't believe i really own an item of clothing with the word "JEGGING" screen printed on it.  ok, bye.  

crystal bullet rings

i made these a few weeks ago, but never posted the pictures.  they have thick round band, i hammered them a bit to add some markings so they look kind of roughed up, oxidized them to a deep matte black, and then set some herkimer diamonds vertically.  voila.  crystal bullet rings.  they're really comfortable to wear even with a bunch of them stacked and they're a little bit sharp, and that's the way i like it.  


backyard friend

a very sweet cat.  she hopped the fence(s) again and came for a visit.  she'll eat treats out of my hand and has the softest tiniest feet ever.  very friendly.  must belong to someone close by.  she has black eyeliner & lipstick & the most perfect cat face ever.  very hard not to steal this cat.  


...currently working on:

mini ribbon bows.  


so it's the first day of october and it's only 8 degrees outside so brought the plants in from my balcony.  wonder if they maybe have a better chance of surviving if i just leave them outside.