cats & thrifting

ponyo sitting in the bedroom window.  you'll usually find her there every morning.

poof yawning.  she's sleeping on brenden's jeans.  there's poof hair on all of our clothes, in fact there's poof hair everywhere.  

found this winner at a church sale.  it's a lenticular j.c. and if you look at him at just the right angle, he winks at you.  oh jesus, you're so cheeky.  not the most lighthearted & fun lenticular i've ever seen, but it's super in it's own terrifying way.  

i also scored an industrial steel garbage can,  a cute square one with a swinging lid.  my ideal garbage can is a vintage bullet can, but it's just never worked out, aka wayyy too expensive.  i barely managed to strap this thing onto my bike.  i had to take out the steel liner, cram it into my milk crate, and the flip the garbage can onto the liner and then kind of bungee it down best i could.  it's a 29 pound garbage can and they normally sell for  around $180.  oh yeah AND it still had garbage in it when i bought it.  i'm not sure if it belonged to the church or not, but the guy sold it to me so whatev, it's mine now.  i also had an additional two bags of merch stuffed inside of the metal garbage can liner, under the steel garbage can, in the milk crate, on the bicycle.  i have clown car of bicycles.  deep.       

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