new jewelry.

been working on some jewelry this week.  these photos are from instagram, my user name is elaineho if you want to find me on there.  i share mostly cat & jewelry photos & sometimes weird people on the metro.  like that super fat lady drinking beer out of a water bottle.  

anyway, from top to bottom... crystal bullet studs... these are little herkimer diamonds set vertically with the points facing up in oxidized silver setting... little chunky black tourmaline rings, also with oxidized silver, bottom photo is of bad polyhedrons getting cleaned up, before they get oxidized.  

please excuse the waterlogged hag hands, i've been doing a lot of dishes & cleaning & not moisturizing enough.  but i am getting my jewelry callouses back, i can now take things out of the oven without a glove and put my fingers in boiling water again.  just kidding.  ok, not really.  i can actually put my fingers in boiling water, but i do enjoy the protection of an oven mitt.  oh and while i'm on the tired old topic of blogging about myself, here's something i'd like to brag about, new necklaces at victoire!  and not only that, check out this lovely post they wrote about my mineral friends pendants, aka me.  

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