thursday vintage

kitten tank.  it's made from the worst kind of polyester ever, but it has a giant kitten on it so it's awesome.  
black leather purse
teal sleeveless blouse

striped short sleeve anchor sweater

cropped cotton tank sweater

crochet flowers! pearls! 

scoop back! 
black and turquoise sheer blouse
tan leather purse

SILK! leopard blouse
small leather backpack

just in case the other leopard silk blouse wasn't enough, this one is leopard, stripes AND paisley. 
leopard maxi skirt
oversized crocodile leather purse.  it's heavy, full of pockets, and solid.  this is the kind of purse that old ladies use to clobber muggers and rapists in dark alleyways.

some lily&ruby vintage finds that'll be dropped off at local 23 later today.  i think i'll call this mini collection "crazy cat lady".  it's stuff that i picture a young hot version of "granny", (you know, the old lady with tweety & sylvester) wearing all of this.  she loves a good maxi skirt.  

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