saturday vintage

sequined anchor & star cotton sweater, if i lived on a yacht, i'd be wearing this sweater everyday.  
navy polka dot maxi skirt

weird german tunic blouse thing

this may be my favourite silk blouse ever!  SILK!  who doesn't love silk?  now let's take a moment to think our little silk worm friends.  hope your hot boiling death happens quickly and painlessly.  thank you for this luxurious fabric.   


guys need vintage clothes too! 

bow dress

pointelle tank sweater

metallic stripe shorts.  great for the yacht as well. 

black leather purse with snakeskin.  sssssss.  

acid wash!!!!!! high rise!!!! 

i'll be biking these up the hill to local 23 this afternoon, along with some other items not pictured.  i hope i don't melt, it's supposed to be 30 degrees today.  also, if you're in the neighbourhood, make sure to stop by general 54, my clothes are 25% off and some of my leather bags are at 50% off!  you would be losing money if you didn't buy anything.  

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