pepito's day out

on the way to the metro.  pepito looks shocked, but he's not.  he just has big eyes.  i don't like to use those bulky cat carriers, it's so much easier to pop the cat into a re-usable shopping bag.  this way i can carry him like a purse and i can also just stuff his head back down into the bag and smuggle him onto the train. 

one of the nice resident cats at the vet

he climbed up on my let to say hi to pepito while pepito was sitting patiently on my lap in the waiting room.  notice the really good looking rawhide chairs... 
on the examination table

looking out the window on the bus ride home. 
this is the view into the shopping bag.  and pepito's best impression of "the shining".

i've had pepito for about 8 years, and he was a senior cat when i got him from the spca.  so that makes him older than most people i know.  he's lost a bit of weight, and had a bad infection on his chin last week.  so i took him to my regular vet (the best vet ever) for a follow up, and blood tests.  if you ever need a cat vet in montreal, go to tou chat tou in the village.  dre. tancelin speaks both french and english and actually cares about your animals, there's just enough cat art in the waiting room AND there's usually at least one cat sitting on the front counter.  yay for cats!  


  1. Hi - came here from Abominable Charles Christopher. Your cat is quite possibly the most awesome cat I've seen this month. Love his eyes. In addition, THANK YOU for adopting a senior cat. So many people don't want them, and are missing out on a well-behaved, loving animal.

  2. Like the above poster I got here through CC. Pepito seems adorable :-)

  3. I see Pepito looks much better than he did last week! =) I understand cats start to loose weight when the get old, as they loose muscle. what did the vet said about Pepito's weight? My parents cats are 15/17 years old and they got very thin in the last few years (one of them looks like an owl, like Pepito, but he is not persa =P), they eat well and they are healthy, but just very thin.

  4. pepito is certainly special! i really lucked out at the spca, they asked if i wanted a younger cat, but i really wanted him, he's a charmer!! the blood test results came back today from the vet, and they're perfect. absolutely nothing wrong with him. i guess he's just old. he has a super appetite but doesn't seem to gain any weight. i guess i'll have to keep feeding him lots of gravy soaked food since that's what he likes the most!

  5. Oh what a sweetie! Pepito has one lucky owner. :)
    He's the first truly cute persian I've ever seen. I hope he keeps on going for a good long time. Reign on, Pepito! ;)

    I wish my maine coon rescue cat would be so calm on the way to the vet! She wails and howls as though we're on the way to sell her to a furrier (the thought is sometimes appealing!).
    My other cat is a daft black pudding and would happily walk there on his leash if it weren't for the dogs. Maybe there's something about black kittys?


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