new leather t-shirt bags

welcome recycled leather t-shirt bags C, D, and E to the leather t-shirt bag family.  these take me way too long to make.  that's why i'm only on letter "E".  and by way too long, instead of a spending a couple of days on each bag, i drag it out over weeks.  i get discouraged, because each bag takes so much work, and sometimes i'd rather be doing other things.  like garbage picking and making jewelry.  this is the same style of bag i've been using for about the past year... and by style of bag, i guess it's more of a size issue.  these t-shirt bags are huge!  my bag is a hoarding microcosm.  does that make any sense or am i maybe just using a fancy word that i don't fully understand?  i carry a multi tool & bike pump even when i don't have my bike with me, an inhaler, snacks, measuring tape and pens are a must as well.  water bottle, padlock, a thick novel, about 1lb of various crumbs too sometimes.  i've spilled apple cobbler and duck fat in this bag as well, and you know what?  it doesn't even smell.  that bad.  anyway.  the new bags are listed in my etsy shop.  

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