more low balls

oh hey, notice the price of this vintage fur stole is $38?  it's clearly listed.  in bold!  apparently this person didn't see the price.  if the price was $25, it would be listed at $25.  notice the blank space for a response?  lilyandrubyvintage has nothing to say.  it's going to stay blank because i'm not in the mood to write something nice.  nothing nice to say?  leave it blank.  how's that for a store policy?  here are some of the replies i didn't send.   

now i would just like to take a quick moment out of this rant to remind you that i do have the best customers ever, i swear 99.9% of them are amazing people, i mean they even buy used shoes for christ's sake, and will pay an additional $20 for slow-ass shipping with no tracking number without a complaint.  and i know this may seem biased, but when someone gets as excited about my vintage find as i do, i just know they're an amazing person and they also have impeccable taste and they probably like cats.  

but seriously, the other 0.01% of my customers really make me crazy sometimes, and you know what?  i can't even call them customers, because they aren't even buying anything, they're just sending me hate mail.  hateful hateful mail.  

like i've said before, if you want to buy a few items at once, or you're a regular returning customer i will happily give you a % off.  i am not anti discount in the least, i love a good deal!  but you can't go to walmart and say, oh hey walmart lady, i want to give you $30 for this $250 TV, because that's all i want to pay.  that's crazy right?  i mean if we could do that, i know i'd have a houseful of TVs, and you would have a houseful of TVs, and you would have a houseful of TVs and YOU would have a houseful of TVs.  ok, that was a bad example that didn't really help illustrate my point.  anyway-  here's another recent example of low balls.  if you're going to ask me for $2 off a $12 item i am going to add your convo to my blog of shame.  (that's THIS blog btw, the one you're reading right now.)

Hello, obviously, you don't love your Niece.  and you're right, you're not a prodigy or a PRODIGEE because you're trying to give me a mere $10 when the item is listed at $12.  how about giving your niece the gift of not being a cheap bastard prodigy?  if someone gave me a dirty used ruler as a high school graduation gift, i'd throw it at them and never speak to them again.  

hope everyone's having a good weekend. 


  1. Seriously?! Again?? I can't believe the nerve of some people!

    Glad you can always maintain a sense of humor about it :)


  2. This made me laff and laff! Maybe it's bc i'm asian (which by no way means i'm endorsing this behaviour...) but i'm not surprise one bit that there are ppl out there who see 'used!', or 'vintage', and think 'flee market', which somehow equals 'i must bargain until the guilt and shame for spending ANYTHING at all EVER' dissipates. Or, maybe you're right, they're just cheap bastards :)

    Anyway, um, hi! and Good luck! and all that.
    As you are.


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