i think i've just died

and gone to heaven, vintage purse heaven.  i just scored a motherload of vintage handbags at a super deal.  all leather, all in excellent like new condition, and many have never even been used!  leather!!!!  so many colours!!   i'll be listing many of these in my lily & ruby vintage etsy shop as well as taking some to local 23.  there's grey leather, hot pink leather, red leather, orange leather, white leather, vegetan leather, and navy leather, and and and!!   ahhhhhhhh so exciting! snake skin accents, woven leather details, buckles! straps!  some  purse hoarding old lady must have just died or something, because all these purses look like they came from the same person.  i'm going to take a moment to think of her. 


coming across a large lot of pristine purses like this is absolutely magical.  magical like winning the lottery.  but a very tiny lottery, where you just win old leather purses.  no wonder why i had that tendonitis/wrist injury a couple of weeks ago, it's from lugging tons of vintage around all the time.  for example, a garbage bag full of purses.  on my bike.  

i've gotta go,  because i'm going to go roll in my pile of vintage leather purses, and then i'm going to go see the harry potter movie and maybe buy a lottery ticket.  i need to buy some floors for my house, and pepito needs his teeth done.  

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