garbage picking & old cat

moving day this weekend for a huge part of montreal's population... so what better time to curb pick garbage?  we found an old bike, FREE!  it works ok, and it's pretty cute.  everything else we came across was actual trash.  it's pretty depressing to see all the stuff that gets thrown out & left behind on moving day. hello people!!  what do you think happens to all that cheap crappy stuff you buy???  the stuff that's so cheap and crappy it's not worth taking with you to your new apartment?  and that you'll probably replace with more cheap crappy stuff because you threw out your old cheap crappy stuff?? anyway.   

pepito has a bad infection, it's probably from his super bad rotty teeth, he doesn't chew his kibbles, he swallows them whole.  this infection happened once before years ago, his chin is super swollen again, poor cat.  i took him to a random vet near my house, who was able to squeeze me in for a saturday appointment.  i carried pepito for about 6 blocks because i didn't want to stuff him in a carrier in scorching hot 30 degree weather.  the receptionist was brushing a cat on the front desk (always a good sign).  it cost $150 for antibiotics & consult.  uhhhhh.  i'm going back to see my regular vet this week for a full work up on this old cat.  he's very thin, only 6 pounds, he might be diabetic, and he needs some dental work.  sigh.  poor pepito! 

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  1. My brother's friend adopted a cat that someone left behind on moving day near Montreal. :(

    -Signed, some random person that found your blog through Charles Christopher

    PS, I love Pepito
    PPS, Happy Birthday! :D


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