who likes rusty vintage tins?

i do i do!  the rustier the better!  i got my hands on 16 of them today!  well it's 15 tins and one's a really old wooden cigar box with beautiful paper labels, the big black and gold one at the back is a cash box or something, it locks with a key and has inner compartments!  the  yellow metal candy pail is amazing and there's also a ton of those cigarette tins.


i think i've just died

and gone to heaven, vintage purse heaven.  i just scored a motherload of vintage handbags at a super deal.  all leather, all in excellent like new condition, and many have never even been used!  leather!!!!  so many colours!!   i'll be listing many of these in my lily & ruby vintage etsy shop as well as taking some to local 23.  there's grey leather, hot pink leather, red leather, orange leather, white leather, vegetan leather, and navy leather, and and and!!   ahhhhhhhh so exciting! snake skin accents, woven leather details, buckles! straps!  some  purse hoarding old lady must have just died or something, because all these purses look like they came from the same person.  i'm going to take a moment to think of her. 


coming across a large lot of pristine purses like this is absolutely magical.  magical like winning the lottery.  but a very tiny lottery, where you just win old leather purses.  no wonder why i had that tendonitis/wrist injury a couple of weeks ago, it's from lugging tons of vintage around all the time.  for example, a garbage bag full of purses.  on my bike.  

i've gotta go,  because i'm going to go roll in my pile of vintage leather purses, and then i'm going to go see the harry potter movie and maybe buy a lottery ticket.  i need to buy some floors for my house, and pepito needs his teeth done.  


saturday vintage

sequined anchor & star cotton sweater, if i lived on a yacht, i'd be wearing this sweater everyday.  
navy polka dot maxi skirt

weird german tunic blouse thing

this may be my favourite silk blouse ever!  SILK!  who doesn't love silk?  now let's take a moment to think our little silk worm friends.  hope your hot boiling death happens quickly and painlessly.  thank you for this luxurious fabric.   


guys need vintage clothes too! 

bow dress

pointelle tank sweater

metallic stripe shorts.  great for the yacht as well. 

black leather purse with snakeskin.  sssssss.  

acid wash!!!!!! high rise!!!! 

i'll be biking these up the hill to local 23 this afternoon, along with some other items not pictured.  i hope i don't melt, it's supposed to be 30 degrees today.  also, if you're in the neighbourhood, make sure to stop by general 54, my clothes are 25% off and some of my leather bags are at 50% off!  you would be losing money if you didn't buy anything.  


pepito's day out

on the way to the metro.  pepito looks shocked, but he's not.  he just has big eyes.  i don't like to use those bulky cat carriers, it's so much easier to pop the cat into a re-usable shopping bag.  this way i can carry him like a purse and i can also just stuff his head back down into the bag and smuggle him onto the train. 

one of the nice resident cats at the vet

he climbed up on my let to say hi to pepito while pepito was sitting patiently on my lap in the waiting room.  notice the really good looking rawhide chairs... 
on the examination table

looking out the window on the bus ride home. 
this is the view into the shopping bag.  and pepito's best impression of "the shining".

i've had pepito for about 8 years, and he was a senior cat when i got him from the spca.  so that makes him older than most people i know.  he's lost a bit of weight, and had a bad infection on his chin last week.  so i took him to my regular vet (the best vet ever) for a follow up, and blood tests.  if you ever need a cat vet in montreal, go to tou chat tou in the village.  dre. tancelin speaks both french and english and actually cares about your animals, there's just enough cat art in the waiting room AND there's usually at least one cat sitting on the front counter.  yay for cats!  


new cat friend

i walked into the kitchen and there there was a cat peering into my house.  it would have been super creepy if it was anything other than this cat.  (e.g. man in trench coat, no pants) this little girl has the prettiest eyes and the sweetest face!  good eyeliner right?  she's super friendly, she let us pet her, ate some low-carb kibbles, she has no collar, peeps a lot, has the daintiest paws, and can open doors.  she snuck into the mudroom and i didn't even notice until the welcoming committee aka poof gave her a hard time.  then there was some hissing,  mostly from the visiting cat.  come back anytime.  but only if you don't have fleas.  

more low balls

oh hey, notice the price of this vintage fur stole is $38?  it's clearly listed.  in bold!  apparently this person didn't see the price.  if the price was $25, it would be listed at $25.  notice the blank space for a response?  lilyandrubyvintage has nothing to say.  it's going to stay blank because i'm not in the mood to write something nice.  nothing nice to say?  leave it blank.  how's that for a store policy?  here are some of the replies i didn't send.   

now i would just like to take a quick moment out of this rant to remind you that i do have the best customers ever, i swear 99.9% of them are amazing people, i mean they even buy used shoes for christ's sake, and will pay an additional $20 for slow-ass shipping with no tracking number without a complaint.  and i know this may seem biased, but when someone gets as excited about my vintage find as i do, i just know they're an amazing person and they also have impeccable taste and they probably like cats.  

but seriously, the other 0.01% of my customers really make me crazy sometimes, and you know what?  i can't even call them customers, because they aren't even buying anything, they're just sending me hate mail.  hateful hateful mail.  

like i've said before, if you want to buy a few items at once, or you're a regular returning customer i will happily give you a % off.  i am not anti discount in the least, i love a good deal!  but you can't go to walmart and say, oh hey walmart lady, i want to give you $30 for this $250 TV, because that's all i want to pay.  that's crazy right?  i mean if we could do that, i know i'd have a houseful of TVs, and you would have a houseful of TVs, and you would have a houseful of TVs and YOU would have a houseful of TVs.  ok, that was a bad example that didn't really help illustrate my point.  anyway-  here's another recent example of low balls.  if you're going to ask me for $2 off a $12 item i am going to add your convo to my blog of shame.  (that's THIS blog btw, the one you're reading right now.)

Hello, obviously, you don't love your Niece.  and you're right, you're not a prodigy or a PRODIGEE because you're trying to give me a mere $10 when the item is listed at $12.  how about giving your niece the gift of not being a cheap bastard prodigy?  if someone gave me a dirty used ruler as a high school graduation gift, i'd throw it at them and never speak to them again.  

hope everyone's having a good weekend. 


irregular tetrahedron studs

i had a geometry lesson while just trying to name these earrings.  apparently "regular tetrahedrons" (all four facets are the same) are frequently referred to as just "tetrahedrons" so i guess that makes my new stud earrings "irregular tetrahedrons".  these are the skeletal version of my solid "triangle studs".  the triangle studs are irregular tetrahedrons too, but oh whatever, who cares.  new earrings.  freshly listed in my etsy shop.  here.  


thursday vintage

kitten tank.  it's made from the worst kind of polyester ever, but it has a giant kitten on it so it's awesome.  
black leather purse
teal sleeveless blouse

striped short sleeve anchor sweater

cropped cotton tank sweater

crochet flowers! pearls! 

scoop back! 
black and turquoise sheer blouse
tan leather purse

SILK! leopard blouse
small leather backpack

just in case the other leopard silk blouse wasn't enough, this one is leopard, stripes AND paisley. 
leopard maxi skirt
oversized crocodile leather purse.  it's heavy, full of pockets, and solid.  this is the kind of purse that old ladies use to clobber muggers and rapists in dark alleyways.

some lily&ruby vintage finds that'll be dropped off at local 23 later today.  i think i'll call this mini collection "crazy cat lady".  it's stuff that i picture a young hot version of "granny", (you know, the old lady with tweety & sylvester) wearing all of this.  she loves a good maxi skirt.  


new leather t-shirt bags

welcome recycled leather t-shirt bags C, D, and E to the leather t-shirt bag family.  these take me way too long to make.  that's why i'm only on letter "E".  and by way too long, instead of a spending a couple of days on each bag, i drag it out over weeks.  i get discouraged, because each bag takes so much work, and sometimes i'd rather be doing other things.  like garbage picking and making jewelry.  this is the same style of bag i've been using for about the past year... and by style of bag, i guess it's more of a size issue.  these t-shirt bags are huge!  my bag is a hoarding microcosm.  does that make any sense or am i maybe just using a fancy word that i don't fully understand?  i carry a multi tool & bike pump even when i don't have my bike with me, an inhaler, snacks, measuring tape and pens are a must as well.  water bottle, padlock, a thick novel, about 1lb of various crumbs too sometimes.  i've spilled apple cobbler and duck fat in this bag as well, and you know what?  it doesn't even smell.  that bad.  anyway.  the new bags are listed in my etsy shop.