saturday vintage

super short denim cut offs with lace trim.  these would have been my ideal shorts when i was still underage.  it was probably for the best that i was never able to find the perfect white cotton eyelet ribbon to make my own pair.  

cute cropped blouse with lace collar.  
brown leather lace up boots, fully lined in leather, size 38, like new condition. 

pretty layered floral skirt, fully lined, elastic waistband. 

mini "the trend" purse.  also has a belt loop at the back!  i would have absolutely killed for one of these when i was a teenager.  but back then i also thought my dream job was working at the gap or the mac counter at the bay. they got to wear all black and were covered with tattoos.  um, the kids at the mac counter, not the gap.  

embroidered polo with pearl buttons.  this was either for a super fancy guy, or slightly butch girl, either way, this shirt is effing awesome.  there's openwork embroidery on the back as well.  like i said, awesome. 
quilted leather purse.  

men's seafoam green henley.  i love this colour! 

CACHAREL sundress!!! yes!  cacharel!  i've come across maybe one or two cacharel silk scarves in my travels, but this is my first cacharel dress!  it's seersucker and it's fantastic. it's about a size 4-6.  

seersucker is the best! 

long denim skirt. who's mom didn't have one of these!  they're fantastic! 

short sleeve floral cotton shirt.  love the colours! 
this big leather purse has a million pockets, extra long shoulder straps and a fantastic patina.  

sagey grey pleated silk blouse.  will look nicer after i steam it.  still pretty! 

small metal mesh purse.  the strap is the best part! 

recently i was lucky enough to turn my most favourite obsession (other than making jewelry and stuff) into a part time gig... buying vintage!!! i love digging through dusty bins, and warehouses, and many other secret places, i will never reveal my sources.  i've been selling vintage through my lilly and ruby vintage shop on etsy for a while now, and also at vintage pop-up shops like vintage mart and vintage pop, and now i'm lucky enough to be a regular consigner at local23!  they get in new stock everyday, and they're stocked with soooo much well selected & well priced vintage there.  

here's what's i'm dropping off at local23 today.  i have a touch of the OCD so when i bring in batches of stuff, it has to be in a colour coordinated mini collection.  you know it feels really odd to me when i see that not everyone has their closets arranged by colour, how can you ever find anything?  i think i can trace this obsession back to when i used to work at the bay (unfortunately not the mac counter) i had to spend 6-8 hours/day folding clothes into a perfect rectangle with a folding board, and arranging displays by colour.  anyway, my favourite item this week is the vintage seersucker cacharel dress & i also really like the slutty jean shorts and the leather boots.  i'm going to try to do a vintage post once a week to show off my favourite finds!  happy shopping!     

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