more mineral friends

omg i love rocks!  i really do!  these are the other pendants i just finished.  tourmalinated quartz!!! petrified wood!  i've been obsessed with these since i was a kid and first started going to rock shows.  (actual rock shows, where you look at fossils and minerals, not shows where you see cool bands.)

tourmalinated quartz is clear quartz crystal embedded with long black tourmaline crystals and other pretty things... i love the milky and shimmery things in it too!  if you believe your crystals are powerful and full of energy and all that, i've read that this one is good for protection.  i don't know if that includes throwing handfuls of expensive tourmalinated quartz at your attacker, but take it however you like.  

petrified wood is magical too! all the organic bits are slowly replaced by minerals, and you end up with a piece of petrified wood that preserves the natural wood grain and textures of the original wood. a wood fossil! the colours of the petrified wood depend on what minerals were hanging around during the petrification process.  hello!  turning a tree into a crystal?  that's straight up magic right there.  

newly listed in my etsy shop.

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