mineral friends

amethyst: one the prettiest minerals, especially when it's in it's natural form all spiky and raw. this lovely chunk of amethyst is made up of bunch of dark purple points that fade into nearly clear.  can you believe that this stuff just grows in nature?  so magical!  (ok not like energy aligning life changing magical, but really sparkly and pretty magical and will go nicely with your outfit magical.)

mini geode!  this little agate geode is pale grey and is lined with teeny tiny clear crystals.  go-ooooo agate!  i've wanted to own a geode all my life.  

pyrite!  clusters of dark silvery gold metallic crystals.  there's nothing better than a giant chunk of crystals right?

this is what i've been working on for the last couple of months.  CHUNKY MINERALS!  working in a larger scale has been pretty fun, i'm used to making tiny little things, and then making tinier versions of these tiny things.  but i've decided to go big.  well, this is as big as i get.  2".  it's a start right?  i don't really like to wear giant jewelry, so this is the perfect size for me.  these are the first styles of this pendant.  more to come soon.  

i made a custom settings for each of these chunky minerals, i guess kind of ribcage inspired with sharp and pointy claw like prongs.  i mean to be honest, that's a lie, it wasn't at all consciously inspired by ribcages, i just came up with the setting shape, and figured to say it was inspired by ribcages because it kind of looks like a spine and ribcage, and people like a good story right?  

i carefully sculpt and fit each setting and then they're cast in solid sterling silver.  i  finish them by hand, oxidize to darken the silver and add "lowlights", and then polished to a high shine.    each pendant will be one of a kind, as all my rocks were carefully selected for their "specialness" and they're all different.  like god's children.  you're all unique.  cough. 

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  1. i absolutely love these!!
    i may have to own one soon! :)

    (do you ever trade merchandise?)
    my shop: olivebrown.etsy.com


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