friday vintage

tooled leather purse

yellow lacoste short pants
cotton stripe shirt
canvas and leather backpack

stripe jersey skirt

linen jacket, will be pressed & steamed of course

leather purse with heavy chain strap, this purse is SOLID, i don't mean that in a weird cheesy slang way, i mean it's built like a brick, and could be used as an effective weapon.  

ruffle chiffon dress

polka dot & stripe jacket

polka dot short sleeve blouse
i'm not sure if this cardigan is really ugly or awesome but it's been growing on me.  argyle & real suede.  

red leather purse

this is some of the vintage that i'll be dropping off at local 23 this weekend!  my favourite item this week is the black leather purse with the silver chain, even though it's vintage, it looks super current and it's really well made and structured.  i don't know how people are able to sew such complicated things like that so perfectly.  i'm really tempted to keep it for myself, but i find i only use klepto always be prepared full of used tissues and hard candy grandma sized purses.  

oh and just to brag, some of my other recent vintage finds that aren't pictured:
-mini orange le creuset cast iron pan in perfect condition 
-christian dior pink satin negligĂ© 
-gucci loafers 
-black ferragamo loafers
-purple wool sonia rykiel cardigan in excellent condition 

and just to show you i'm not completely out of control, and i do exercise self control once in a while, here's stuff i didn't buy even though i was seriously tempted:
-white dior stilettos (too damaged)
-white diane von furstenberg slingback heels (too damaged)
-rare braun bathroom scale (missing about 50% of parts)
-yves st. laurent blazers (huge giant obese man sized) 

i can't wait for canada post to get back to normal so i can start listing more stuff in my vintage shop.  there's no point in adding new things right now because so far my options for shipping are: 
-bum a ride to plattsburgh and ship with USPS,  $10 processing fee, $20 gas, 1/2 a day
-ship via courier (fedex, ups, purolator) that costs 2-3 times more than what i charge for shipping.  with the cheapest service, it costs me $20 to send an envelope to L.A. 
-refund $$$ if the customer doesn't care to wait indefinitely for their packages.  

so dear canada post, please unlock your doors.  dear union & canada post please come to some sort of agreement.  dear government, please hurry it up with the dumb farce you call a "debate" (i've been streaming it live, and it's dumb, captain canada? captain canada????), and dearest ndp, i realize that you're dragging this out for as long as you can so the union & canada post can come to an agreement on their own, before the government interferes and forces them to take a crappier offer, but the union & canada post  aren't even talking right now, so what's the point?  maybe you really enjoy sleeping in your office & having pizza slumber parties, but you're hurting more people than you're helping.  i have packages that have been locked in the post office for over a week.  seriously canada post, stop spending all this money on full page newspaper ads & web ads, epost is not going to solve everyone's problems, unless you can epost a facepunch.  most of my friends are self-employed and have their own businesses, and we're all suffering because of this, what are we supposed to do?  start a union?  and complain about our working conditions?  come on.  COME ON. 

so excuse me, i'm going to go picket in front of my house.  my new modern sewing machine is too fast, it gives me neck strain so i want to sew everything by hand from now on, i also want $26/hour & paid vacation time & sick days, which reminds me, i don't have health benefits, my boss is always napping, and i want a new exotic shorthair kitten or scottish fold kitten on my doorstep every tuesday and make sure it's wearing a big satin bow (no pink).  take that collective bargaining.  COME ON.




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