espace costume

beaded bracelets from the 60's

1920's lace dress

they glasses & sunglasses sorted by gender and decade

wedding dresses

sorry for the fuzzy photos.  my phone is a bit crap when there's not enough light.  i was lucky enough to tag along on a field trip to espace costume last week!  i was eating a sandwich on the couch when the doorbell rang, i thought it was a grey haired census lady with clipboard.  i was trying to stay out of the view of the window and really had no intention of opening the door.  turns out it was my friend aisling who had just dyed her hair silvery grey and my friend ksenia with a clipboard.  they were on their way to the costume rental shop across the street to pick out some costumes for the movie "sorry, rabbi".
i pass by the costume shop all the time, but i didn't realize they were a warehouse for movie rentals etc... i don't know i guess i thought they were just making ugly spandex stuff for circuses or something.  ummmm, no.  not at all.  it's  warehouse full of MAGIC.  the most amazing racks full of stuff organized by decade.  hello!  1800's anyone?  i think the 1930's section was my favourite.  the f.i.t. museum is pretty fun,  but at espace costume, you can actually touch the stuff, and an alarm doesn't go off, and you don't get rushed by a security guard.  

they have absolutely any kind of clothing you can think of, and in multiples.  beautiful museum quality vintage and antique clothing.  so so so amazing.  (they also just bought the entire inventory of maison la belle renée which kind of sad of course because maison renée is gone, but i'm glad the clothes went to a good home.)  i hope to go back to espace costume just to visit, like all the time.  the mother & son team running the place was super nice too, they don't know it yet, but we're going to be best friends.   

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