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mink friends

i've been collecting vintage fur collars with the intention of doing something them.  so now i'm finally doing something with them, listing them in my lily&ruby vintage shop.  i just can't pass up a good piece of fur, or fur stole, or fur hats or fur coats, i have to rescue them all, i guess you could say it's kind of the gateway drug to hoarding cats. like i need any kind of encouragement in that department. 

I LOVE FUR!!!  here are the fur listings.  my fur hat collection is also out of control, i'll be listing those when it's not summer, so i can buy a bigger house to store my fur collection.  aka cats. 


friday vintage

tooled leather purse

yellow lacoste short pants
cotton stripe shirt
canvas and leather backpack

stripe jersey skirt

linen jacket, will be pressed & steamed of course

leather purse with heavy chain strap, this purse is SOLID, i don't mean that in a weird cheesy slang way, i mean it's built like a brick, and could be used as an effective weapon.  

ruffle chiffon dress

polka dot & stripe jacket

polka dot short sleeve blouse
i'm not sure if this cardigan is really ugly or awesome but it's been growing on me.  argyle & real suede.  

red leather purse

this is some of the vintage that i'll be dropping off at local 23 this weekend!  my favourite item this week is the black leather purse with the silver chain, even though it's vintage, it looks super current and it's really well made and structured.  i don't know how people are able to sew such complicated things like that so perfectly.  i'm really tempted to keep it for myself, but i find i only use klepto always be prepared full of used tissues and hard candy grandma sized purses.  

oh and just to brag, some of my other recent vintage finds that aren't pictured:
-mini orange le creuset cast iron pan in perfect condition 
-christian dior pink satin negligé 
-gucci loafers 
-black ferragamo loafers
-purple wool sonia rykiel cardigan in excellent condition 

and just to show you i'm not completely out of control, and i do exercise self control once in a while, here's stuff i didn't buy even though i was seriously tempted:
-white dior stilettos (too damaged)
-white diane von furstenberg slingback heels (too damaged)
-rare braun bathroom scale (missing about 50% of parts)
-yves st. laurent blazers (huge giant obese man sized) 

i can't wait for canada post to get back to normal so i can start listing more stuff in my vintage shop.  there's no point in adding new things right now because so far my options for shipping are: 
-bum a ride to plattsburgh and ship with USPS,  $10 processing fee, $20 gas, 1/2 a day
-ship via courier (fedex, ups, purolator) that costs 2-3 times more than what i charge for shipping.  with the cheapest service, it costs me $20 to send an envelope to L.A. 
-refund $$$ if the customer doesn't care to wait indefinitely for their packages.  

so dear canada post, please unlock your doors.  dear union & canada post please come to some sort of agreement.  dear government, please hurry it up with the dumb farce you call a "debate" (i've been streaming it live, and it's dumb, captain canada? captain canada????), and dearest ndp, i realize that you're dragging this out for as long as you can so the union & canada post can come to an agreement on their own, before the government interferes and forces them to take a crappier offer, but the union & canada post  aren't even talking right now, so what's the point?  maybe you really enjoy sleeping in your office & having pizza slumber parties, but you're hurting more people than you're helping.  i have packages that have been locked in the post office for over a week.  seriously canada post, stop spending all this money on full page newspaper ads & web ads, epost is not going to solve everyone's problems, unless you can epost a facepunch.  most of my friends are self-employed and have their own businesses, and we're all suffering because of this, what are we supposed to do?  start a union?  and complain about our working conditions?  come on.  COME ON. 

so excuse me, i'm going to go picket in front of my house.  my new modern sewing machine is too fast, it gives me neck strain so i want to sew everything by hand from now on, i also want $26/hour & paid vacation time & sick days, which reminds me, i don't have health benefits, my boss is always napping, and i want a new exotic shorthair kitten or scottish fold kitten on my doorstep every tuesday and make sure it's wearing a big satin bow (no pink).  take that collective bargaining.  COME ON.





espace costume

beaded bracelets from the 60's

1920's lace dress

they glasses & sunglasses sorted by gender and decade

wedding dresses

sorry for the fuzzy photos.  my phone is a bit crap when there's not enough light.  i was lucky enough to tag along on a field trip to espace costume last week!  i was eating a sandwich on the couch when the doorbell rang, i thought it was a grey haired census lady with clipboard.  i was trying to stay out of the view of the window and really had no intention of opening the door.  turns out it was my friend aisling who had just dyed her hair silvery grey and my friend ksenia with a clipboard.  they were on their way to the costume rental shop across the street to pick out some costumes for the movie "sorry, rabbi".
i pass by the costume shop all the time, but i didn't realize they were a warehouse for movie rentals etc... i don't know i guess i thought they were just making ugly spandex stuff for circuses or something.  ummmm, no.  not at all.  it's  warehouse full of MAGIC.  the most amazing racks full of stuff organized by decade.  hello!  1800's anyone?  i think the 1930's section was my favourite.  the f.i.t. museum is pretty fun,  but at espace costume, you can actually touch the stuff, and an alarm doesn't go off, and you don't get rushed by a security guard.  

they have absolutely any kind of clothing you can think of, and in multiples.  beautiful museum quality vintage and antique clothing.  so so so amazing.  (they also just bought the entire inventory of maison la belle renée which kind of sad of course because maison renée is gone, but i'm glad the clothes went to a good home.)  i hope to go back to espace costume just to visit, like all the time.  the mother & son team running the place was super nice too, they don't know it yet, but we're going to be best friends.   


saturday vintage

super short denim cut offs with lace trim.  these would have been my ideal shorts when i was still underage.  it was probably for the best that i was never able to find the perfect white cotton eyelet ribbon to make my own pair.  

cute cropped blouse with lace collar.  
brown leather lace up boots, fully lined in leather, size 38, like new condition. 

pretty layered floral skirt, fully lined, elastic waistband. 

mini "the trend" purse.  also has a belt loop at the back!  i would have absolutely killed for one of these when i was a teenager.  but back then i also thought my dream job was working at the gap or the mac counter at the bay. they got to wear all black and were covered with tattoos.  um, the kids at the mac counter, not the gap.  

embroidered polo with pearl buttons.  this was either for a super fancy guy, or slightly butch girl, either way, this shirt is effing awesome.  there's openwork embroidery on the back as well.  like i said, awesome. 
quilted leather purse.  

men's seafoam green henley.  i love this colour! 

CACHAREL sundress!!! yes!  cacharel!  i've come across maybe one or two cacharel silk scarves in my travels, but this is my first cacharel dress!  it's seersucker and it's fantastic. it's about a size 4-6.  

seersucker is the best! 

long denim skirt. who's mom didn't have one of these!  they're fantastic! 

short sleeve floral cotton shirt.  love the colours! 
this big leather purse has a million pockets, extra long shoulder straps and a fantastic patina.  

sagey grey pleated silk blouse.  will look nicer after i steam it.  still pretty! 

small metal mesh purse.  the strap is the best part! 

recently i was lucky enough to turn my most favourite obsession (other than making jewelry and stuff) into a part time gig... buying vintage!!! i love digging through dusty bins, and warehouses, and many other secret places, i will never reveal my sources.  i've been selling vintage through my lilly and ruby vintage shop on etsy for a while now, and also at vintage pop-up shops like vintage mart and vintage pop, and now i'm lucky enough to be a regular consigner at local23!  they get in new stock everyday, and they're stocked with soooo much well selected & well priced vintage there.  

here's what's i'm dropping off at local23 today.  i have a touch of the OCD so when i bring in batches of stuff, it has to be in a colour coordinated mini collection.  you know it feels really odd to me when i see that not everyone has their closets arranged by colour, how can you ever find anything?  i think i can trace this obsession back to when i used to work at the bay (unfortunately not the mac counter) i had to spend 6-8 hours/day folding clothes into a perfect rectangle with a folding board, and arranging displays by colour.  anyway, my favourite item this week is the vintage seersucker cacharel dress & i also really like the slutty jean shorts and the leather boots.  i'm going to try to do a vintage post once a week to show off my favourite finds!  happy shopping!     



scored some excellent vintage fur collars/scarves today.  the braid is mine.


the elusive "flying V" finally caught on film

not bad, i'd give poofy a 7/10 for form, and maybe a 7.5/10 for artistic merit.  pepito is the real pro at this, but he's so hard to photograph i've never had photographic evidence of his skills at the "flying V".  he somehow balances on his skinny ass and holds his feet straight up in the air above his head while cleaning house.  he must have good core strength.  


more mineral friends

omg i love rocks!  i really do!  these are the other pendants i just finished.  tourmalinated quartz!!! petrified wood!  i've been obsessed with these since i was a kid and first started going to rock shows.  (actual rock shows, where you look at fossils and minerals, not shows where you see cool bands.)

tourmalinated quartz is clear quartz crystal embedded with long black tourmaline crystals and other pretty things... i love the milky and shimmery things in it too!  if you believe your crystals are powerful and full of energy and all that, i've read that this one is good for protection.  i don't know if that includes throwing handfuls of expensive tourmalinated quartz at your attacker, but take it however you like.  

petrified wood is magical too! all the organic bits are slowly replaced by minerals, and you end up with a piece of petrified wood that preserves the natural wood grain and textures of the original wood. a wood fossil! the colours of the petrified wood depend on what minerals were hanging around during the petrification process.  hello!  turning a tree into a crystal?  that's straight up magic right there.  

newly listed in my etsy shop.