go japan!

ok, so if one could get a degree in procrastinating, i would have a doctorate, as well as several honorary degrees.  i'm currently working on an order that needs to go out tomorrow, so what better time to buy experiment with new iphone apps and make stop motion animation?  i don't need to procrastinate before getting to work, i can actually procrastinate while in the middle of working.  it's a gift.  i had my phone balanced in a crystal dish of straight pins and stacked on top of a wooden shadow box behind the sewing machine. shaky shaky.  i can't wait to make more of these!  the camera was taking pictures every 2 seconds.  oh, and i pre-cut all the pieces of leather so it wouldn't be like a 10 minute video.  back to work i guess.  

one more thing.  as you may have noticed, i am animated gif obsessed.  so here's an animated gif of me sewing an "i love bacon" wallet.  i do love bacon, but as i sew each "i love bacon" wallet, i love bacon even less.  they're a lot of work to make, so i only make them for one special store.  propaganda in toronto.  oh right!  i lied, there's another thing!  if you're anywhere near toronto this week, stop by propaganda!  they're having a charity fundraising event called "go japan!"... a lot of local artist made some great art for the show.  here's the facebook event.

this is my piece, wood burning & paint on a slice of tree.  it also comes with a tiny anchor necklace.  see below.  but you only get one.  tiny.  anchor.  

here are some photos of the submissions i stole off of the facebook page.  i want to go!  the only photos i didn't steal were the ones with an actual copyright watermark on the photo.  whatev.  anyway, check out the show, buy some art, it's for charity.  ok, back to work for real now. 

these are by margot jenner

a stuffed maggot in a bunny suit by shane geil

illustration by shen plum

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