coffin stealer.

this is usually poof's cat coffin bed.  guess ponyo wanted to try it out.  been spring cleaning today and well, pretty much every day.  i have sooo much crap!!!  ok, it's vintage crap, which isn't really crap at all, but treasures.   MY PRECIOUS TREASURES.  it doesn't help that i'm addicted to shows like american pickers, antiques roadshow and storage wars.  oh, and i've started dealing vintage too.  i've been listing non-essential furniture on craigslist.  i just sold my hoop chair and antique brass coat rack.  i loved both pieces, but they've crossed the rainbow bridge.  yes, it's the same rainbow bridge cats cross when they die.  

i'll miss you hoop chair, but i won't miss tripping over you every morning, because you were blocking the doorway.  oh right, and another thing, now i can confidently say that buying vintage and antique furniture is a great investment, because they don't lose value like ikea furniture and ugly furniture from the brick and leon's.  in fact, they make you money, and it's recycling.  i can justify any purchase.  this is also part of the problem.  now i don't know if i want to go antiquing or list more stuff on-line.   

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