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yeah, this looks kind of disgusting.  but it's just a citrus juicer.  i had a gift card for bed bath and beyond, so i got myself some kitchen toys.  i made lemon bars with a toasted coconut crust this weekend, with processed white sugar and not-free range or organic eggs.  i usually replace eggs with chia when i bake, but i didn't feel like messing with the recipe too much, since i was quadrupling it, and besides, not everything has to be healthy.  if you use this recipe, double filling, add vanilla, and use parchment paper instead of foil.  btw, this little juicer is one the best inventions ever, you can get every last drop of juice out of a lemon.    

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  1. You are hilarious.

    Love reading about your strange encounters with crazies full of Asian stereotypes too! :)



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