this is what happened when i went to the post office & produce market

so, earlier today i was complaining about having to drag a huge awkward 25lbs box 8 blocks to the post office.  i cheated, i took the bus 6 blocks, and only had to walk for 2 blocks.  problem solved.  i planned on stopping by the produce market on the way home and that's it.  not very exciting other than the produce checkout lady tried to convince me to go back and exchange my blood oranges for less bloody blood oranges.  i told her maybe next time, but thank you.  oh, and they had mangos for 2/$0.99.  

i stopped in the crappy used furniture store around the corner fr/my house, and guess what they had?  this HUGE and incredible hand carved wooden crest.  it has a bear with it's tongue hanging out and three hearts!  i have a tattoo of three hearts in a row on my arm!!! it was sooo meant to be.  (oh yeah, and when it rains, it's a sign i should buy a new pair of boots.)  i can't even imagine how long it took to carve & paint! it's AMAZING!  i've spent days playing on "make your own coat of arms" websites.  the embossed sticker i put on all my packages is custom coat of arms!  hello!  three hearts!  um, and a lounging cat, and some wings....

it was labelled "armoirie", and when i asked the guy what it was & where it came from he said it was an "armoirie".  which is a coat of arms.  duh.  i was asking where it came from, because i like to know the history my things, i thought it might have come from a local pub or restaurant.   all he could tell me is that his friend found it behind/under a giant pile of trash on st. catherine street east about 15 years ago.  omg i love trash finds.  the artist name, and the name of the family it was made for is written on the back.  i'm going to do some research and find out more about my family crest. it was such a good deal, i would have lost money by not buying it.  so instead of coming home with a bag of fruit, i ended up having to lug home a HUGE slab of wood.  full circle my friends.  full circle.  

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  1. Ha ha, that's the best justification ever "I would have lost money NOT to buy it". I'm so using that from now on.


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