stinky grabbyhands

this is my haul from the gem and mineral show... some amethyst, pyrite, a few agate slices, mini geodes, copper chunks, herkimer diamonds and some tiny rough emeralds.  i pretty much get the same stuff every year... except for this year i didn't buy any rutilated quartz, because i still have some leftover from two years ago.  i spent three hours wandering around the rock show by myself.  it's full of pushy weirdos and no one there seems to wear deodorant (me included, i haven't worn deodorant for at least two years, but i also don't stink) it was a pretty smelly bad breath festival.  even though it wasn't very crowded, i was stepped on, tripped over, and pushed, it's a really rough crowd at the rock show.  dare i say mosh pit?  get it?  rock show? mosh pit?  

anyway, the little kids collecting rocks were fine.  i have no problem with them.  it's the pushy &  mean new agey weirdos that i have a problem with.  ok, crystals are pretty right?  they look really nice in the sun, some might even say magical.  but seriously, chill out ladies, there aren't enough crystals at this rock show to re-align your energy to make you into a nice person.  

i saw several people with gem&mineral/energy aligning checklists, one lady even had a highlighter with her.  you can kind of see her highlight checklist under her wallet.  oh and there was this other lady who holding crystals to her chest and closing her eyes, i'm pretty sure she was testing the energy of the crystals.  

you see this arm?  even though it's right in front of me, it's not my arm, it doesn't belong to me, this stinky pushy grabbyhands was tripping all over my feet to try to get in front of me to get to the agate slices.  so rude!!  she didn't even flinch or move when i started to take the photos.  wtf?  are you having a crystal emergency? 

neon yellow sulphur i wanted some of this, but i didn't know if it was safe to wear.  and the last thing i need is a ornamental rock collection.  

grenat was the trendy mineral this year.  every vendor had it.  it comes from quebec!  so weird that rock shows have trends too...the past few years has been dyed agate slices & geodes... still lots of that stuff this year as well as metal plated crystals & geodes.  those were pretty neat, first time seeing them.    

i overheard another vendor telling a another customer what rocks she should buy to help her with her hypothyroidism.  i should start doing that.  hey buy my bad polyhedron necklace, it'll cure your astigmatism and varicose veins.  

that's $7 of time line to the past.  

these crystals were "treated".  and by "treated" it means they're going to treat themselves to a new pair of vegan boots with the money they make from selling these crystals.  

this thing was straight from outer space!  

cut gemstones

rock show was held at a local arena.  i guess the fact that it was in a hockey rink kind of added to the bad smell.  overall, it was a pretty fun time, except for all the pushy rude people... these rocks have been around for tens of thousands of years, what's the rush?  i managed to get out of there without getting into a fight, but there was this one lady i really wanted to trip.  about 50% of the vendors were selling finished jewelry, tons of ugly stuff, and a ton of bead vendors as well.  i wish it would've been more minerals & gems and i can only remember seeing about two fossil vendors. 

oh and in other exciting news, i discovered that i live near a discount cookie factory outlet.  


  1. discount cookie factory and outlet!!!! i am not too sure if this sounds right! good luck girl..

  2. nice haul! wish i could have gone and i love your attitude. sometimes i wish i was a witch and could trip people without them knowing it was me.


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