someone build me this asap

just so you know, i'm obsessed with moss.  if i see a patch of it, i'll stop to pet it & take a picture of it.  this is a rooftop garden in japan.  and it's incredible.  i'm seriously garden retarded, every season i just buy a ton of edible plants & white peonies & white roses, plant them, and hope for the best.  oh i did hack down 1/2 of my lilac tree this fall, because i'm tired of it & quite allergic to it and i didn't have a chainsaw so i couldn't cut the trunk, so it looks massacred.  my backyard has been pretty growing pretty wild for the last couple of years, which isn't really a problem, except that it's mostly weeds and it spreads to the neighbours' yards, but it's their own stupid fault for building a super modern minimal fence made out of four strands of industrial steel wire.  whatever.  this summer, i'm going to try to bribe/barter my landscaping friends to come rescue my yard, plant a bamboo fence & build me a deck or just hook me up with a giant bed of mossssssssssssssss (via inhabitat

p.s. i also haven't stirred my compost bin for over a year.

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