native copper & hematite

some little necklaces i just made... i got the copper nuggets at the rock show, and i just discovered a stash of the hematite pieces in a box during a massive supply de-stashing session.  from the other clues i found in the box, i'm assuming they're from when i was living in nyc.  um, like 8 years ago.  sheesh.  can't wait to get to the bottom of the box.  i might find some even better stuff.  sometimes, it's good to hoard.  

native copper necklace, three copper nuggets on oxidized silver.   (it's called native copper because that's how the copper is found in nature, it hasn't been processed or treated at all) 

hematite necklace, graduated hematite pieces on oxidized silver.  

been working with a bunch of rocks and minerals and stuff.  i mean i still like the cute animal and severed body parts jewelry, but it's fun to make other stuff too.  

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