ok so it's not quite spring because it's snowing like crazy today.  but yesterday it was warm enough to open a window.  poof loves a fresh breeze.  no mouldings on window yet.  um, probably because i spent all my money on the new kitchen, and i was also having creative differences with my handyman.  ie: he was taking "creative liberties" and i got so angry with him, i though about finding out where he lived and beating his family to a pulp.  i also know a guy who knows a guy who'll break one knee for $500.  anyway, hope it's a good week.  my serger broke last night, or should i say, i broke my serger.  but i'm confident i'll be able to have it fixed, even though elna doesn't make parts for it anymore.  hah.  sorry this is kind of a horrible caption for this nice peaceful cat photo.  over and out. 

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  1. wow! good thing handymen don't read blogs.. you're tough


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