low balls

an amazing vintage braun hair dryer. model hld-5. bright orange and black, with two pill shaped buttons. one button for high and low setting, and the one with the red dot is the on/off button. single heat setting. it's not a strong hair dryer, but it looks incredible and it's a beautiful design object. in very good working used vintage condition.would be great for anyone who's a fan of mid century design, braun, deiter rams, or reinhold weiss.

8.25" long
3.5" wide
cord is 74" long

designed by reinhold weiss in 1972.
produced by braun de mexico
model: HLD-5
50-60 hz


so this is a listing that i have in my vintage shop on etsy.  a reasonable price for an amazing highly collectable design object.  HELLO!!! REINHOLD WEISS!!!  his work is on display at the moma!!  it's not garage sale cheap, and not antique shop high.  somewhere in the middle.  i think it's a super fair price, and i would be happy to pay that for this hair dryer, but i already own one.  

first of all, shipping anything from canada is stupid expensive.  so i have to factor that into the prices.  it takes a long time to photograph and research everything i list.  calculating the shipping cost takes time.  the listing itself takes time.  carefully packaging and waiting in line at the post office takes time.  etc... blah blah blah.  

i find that i get an unhealthy amount of convos from people asking for discounts.  I'M NOT A FLEA MARKET!! oh and how about the time that someone asked me if i gave discounts to family members of the military? I'M NOT WALMART!!!  (ok, so walmart only had a military discount from 1998-1999, but you see my point.) i'm a reasonable person, if you're going to buy a bunch of items from my shop at once i'll gladly give you a small discount that reflects the time/cost you're saving me of packaging & shipping each item individually.  fair enough?  i'm not forcing you to buy anything, but i really am appreciative and grateful when  you do buy something from my shop, it's super nice to know that someone loves my vintage treasures as much as i do!  but this, this my friends, was my breaking point.  

this is the "offer" i received for the incredibly designed vintage braun hair dryer in excellent vintage condition pictured at the top of this post, and also listed at the reasonable price of $80 + shipping. 

and if you follow me on twitter, you would have seen today's customer service level that was posted this morning, and you would have never sent me this insulting offer.  right?  right???  that being said, my response is posted below.  

EFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF.  to all the people who have asked for crazy-ass discounts, here's a discount code for you, for just being you:  PISSOFF.  i bet your mother told you were special like 8 times a day.  


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