locket progress

soldering the pieces together.  the colours that came appeared after soldering were so beautiful!  they aren't really showing up in this photo.  i made the domes with the hydraulic press.  
cut out the two halves.  three tube settings, three tabs for a clasp, three prong setting.  
finished the hinge, pierced holes for hanging, cut and bent the clasps, gave the locket a light polishing to get rid of any scratches, and then oxidized it. 
set the stone!  my teacher gustavo did pretty much all of the setting.  the stone is a crystal with chips and inclusions and it cost me $1.  i just loved the shape & facets.

this is the locket i've been working on for the past few weeks in my hydraulic press/chasing & repoussé class,  and it's nearly done!  50 hours/7 classes just blew by!  i should be able to post finished pictures of it by the end of the week.  i was taking photos with my phone, that's why they're a bit weird.  i'm pretty excited to make more constructed pieces of jewelry now that i'm more comfortable with uh, measuring, and soldering.  jewelry is fun!  i'm going to throw out my sewing machines!  um just kidding.  


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