leather t-shirt bag "B"

ok so i've named this bag "B".  because it's the second leather t-shirt bag i've posted on etsy.  i've just gone back and named the first one "A".  you'll never catch giving my stuff cutsey names like cinnamon, bambi or misty.  unless it's a bag i've specifically made for a stripper.  and do i love strippers, so don't get me wrong, i'm not trying to insult strippers, but just saying that i prefer a ridiculously boring & innocuous name, because the name "misty" doesn't really add anything to this bag.  i mean the bag is big enough to fit several pairs of stripper heels and a g-string.  whatever.  i didn't even name any of my stuffed animals as a kid.   

anyway, leather t-shirt bag "B" was made from a mix of a crazy vintage leather dress, a vintage leather jacket, as well as new leather for the strap & binding.  lightly studded with matte black pyramid studs, fully lined, tons of pockets.  one of a kind.  the front has a triangular panel with a leather covered snap.  the back has an angled triangular pocket as well as a zipper pocket.  three cheers for leather.  

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