fringed rollo necklace

this is the modern & grown up version of the fringe necklaces i used to make.  i used to make fringed leather chokers with & without feathers, leather garters belts, and leather neckpieces. (hello 90's) i even managed to get a merch table at the black & blue ball in nyc  one year because a friend of mine was the host.  OMG i don't remember where i was going with this, because our UPS friend just told us that there's a guy living behind our house in a couple of shipping containers.  he brought this up, because a HUGE tree in front of my house was cut down this morning, and he was wondering why the guy hadn't stopped by to pick up the wood because apparently his shipping containers are wood heated.  WTF.  he also told us that this guy has a yellow dog.  i'm horrified because how could i have not noticed that there's a guy living in shipping containers behind my house, and also fascinated because i would kill for a tour of his home. (unless he kills me first.)  i've always wanted a pre-fab shipping container home.   what a resourceful guy.  maybe dwell will come by and write an article about him.  here's the cut&paste description of the necklace fr/my etsy listing because i can't concentrate anymore right now.  

this is the fringed version of my big rollo necklace. oxidized sterling silver chain necklace with a centrepiece of chunky 1/4" oversized rollo chain dripping with strands of oxidized chains. the silver was oxidized to a deep matte black and then hand rubbed to bring back a bit of shine to the black oxidized sterling silver. this necklace will evolve as you wear it, and will become shinier over time.

measures 26" around so you can slip it over your head, and the longest pieces of chain fringe are 5.5" long.  

freshly listed in my etsy shop... 

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