my first flan!  and second flan!  and i also wanted to show off my new mixer.  i got it on a super sale and i still haven't used it.  it's just too nice, it's seafoam green.  i never ever had a favourite colour when i was a kid, and then when i moved into my first condo in montreal, i saw the turquoisey seafoamey patina of the church tower from the window, and became  obsessed.  you can see my mixer matches my blog perfectly.  it's kind of fun to have a favourite colour and  just a few weeks ago, i discovered that i have a favourite number.  it's the number 3.  it has a weird symmetry that i love.  

ok, so flan may be tasty, but don't eat it every day.  it's really not good for you, unless you're planning on getting superfat and heart attacky.  i combined a bunch of recipes that i found online, and then doubled it.  it's about a carton of eggs (organic free range of course) minus a few whites, 35% cream, evaporated milk, coconut milk, and sugar.  i infused the milks&cream with a vanilla bean and cinnamon sticks and of course caramelized some sugar for the bottom, which will then be the top!  now i know why all the recipes call for white sugar, because with brown sugar, you can't see the when the sugar starts to turn colour.  i had do it by smell.  i think it worked out ok.  

when i was at the grocery store tonight, i stood in the baking aisle for about 10 minutes staring at the 2kg bag of granulated white sugar.  i really did!  i probably looked like a crazy person, because i had just gotten out of the gym and was still sweating profusely (i did an hour of cardio & weights and then ran a 8.5 minute mile, my time last week was 10 minutes, i just started running or should i say jogging a few months ago and i'm trying to get my time down as low as possible without dying.  the record by a woman is 4:12:56 btw.)  so i was i was all red and still sweating, and staring at the bags of sugar in a daze, trying to figure out if i could make caramel with brown sugar instead of white.  i just couldn't make myself buy the white sugar, so i bought the brown sugar.  wow, that was thrilling and exciting wasn't it.  i will not bring more processed white sugar into this house!!!   i kind of want nachos, but i should probably go to bed.    

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