vintage pop!

vintage pop starts this weekend!  it's from noon-7pm from april 2-9th at off interarts, 5143 blvd. st. laurent just above laurier.  it's going to be a sale of clothing & accessories & housewares from montreal's best hoarders/vintage pickers.  here's the facebook event.  i've been washing, repairing, ironing & steaming loads of amazing vintage summer dresses, blouses & skirts & shoes all week!  my prize item is an amazing sandwash silk blouse with a cat&zebra print, the cats have bright turquoise eyes!!!  most of the clothing i'm bringing isn't even listed in my vintage shop, it's all "new".  anyway, make sure you stop by, it's going on all week.  there's going to be soooo much good stuff!  

silk cat shirt

beaded lace shirt dress

beaded silk shirt

sheer black maxi dress

black oxfords
justin roper cowboy boots



ok so it's not quite spring because it's snowing like crazy today.  but yesterday it was warm enough to open a window.  poof loves a fresh breeze.  no mouldings on window yet.  um, probably because i spent all my money on the new kitchen, and i was also having creative differences with my handyman.  ie: he was taking "creative liberties" and i got so angry with him, i though about finding out where he lived and beating his family to a pulp.  i also know a guy who knows a guy who'll break one knee for $500.  anyway, hope it's a good week.  my serger broke last night, or should i say, i broke my serger.  but i'm confident i'll be able to have it fixed, even though elna doesn't make parts for it anymore.  hah.  sorry this is kind of a horrible caption for this nice peaceful cat photo.  over and out. 



my first flan!  and second flan!  and i also wanted to show off my new mixer.  i got it on a super sale and i still haven't used it.  it's just too nice, it's seafoam green.  i never ever had a favourite colour when i was a kid, and then when i moved into my first condo in montreal, i saw the turquoisey seafoamey patina of the church tower from the window, and became  obsessed.  you can see my mixer matches my blog perfectly.  it's kind of fun to have a favourite colour and  just a few weeks ago, i discovered that i have a favourite number.  it's the number 3.  it has a weird symmetry that i love.  

ok, so flan may be tasty, but don't eat it every day.  it's really not good for you, unless you're planning on getting superfat and heart attacky.  i combined a bunch of recipes that i found online, and then doubled it.  it's about a carton of eggs (organic free range of course) minus a few whites, 35% cream, evaporated milk, coconut milk, and sugar.  i infused the milks&cream with a vanilla bean and cinnamon sticks and of course caramelized some sugar for the bottom, which will then be the top!  now i know why all the recipes call for white sugar, because with brown sugar, you can't see the when the sugar starts to turn colour.  i had do it by smell.  i think it worked out ok.  

when i was at the grocery store tonight, i stood in the baking aisle for about 10 minutes staring at the 2kg bag of granulated white sugar.  i really did!  i probably looked like a crazy person, because i had just gotten out of the gym and was still sweating profusely (i did an hour of cardio & weights and then ran a 8.5 minute mile, my time last week was 10 minutes, i just started running or should i say jogging a few months ago and i'm trying to get my time down as low as possible without dying.  the record by a woman is 4:12:56 btw.)  so i was i was all red and still sweating, and staring at the bags of sugar in a daze, trying to figure out if i could make caramel with brown sugar instead of white.  i just couldn't make myself buy the white sugar, so i bought the brown sugar.  wow, that was thrilling and exciting wasn't it.  i will not bring more processed white sugar into this house!!!   i kind of want nachos, but i should probably go to bed.    


adventures in catsitting

i'll take any excuse to play with cats.  i'm not to get any other cats until one of mine bites it.  so i'm always up for catsitting!  (btw we have money on pepito.  he's really old.)  been visiting with some super cute cats.  had to lure little minji out of the couch, but after that, she was super friendly, wagging her tail, following me around and meowing.  it's nearly impossible to get a photo of her, she moves around so much!  the elusive pony was hiding under the covers.  i got hissed at the first visit, but the next time he let me pet him, and was purring and rolling around like crazy, and he'll even eat treats out of my hand, all from under the blanket.  i think we're friends now even though he still won't come out from under the blanket.  yup that's it.  been doing some sewing, will post photos of what i've been working on sooooon!  


low balls

an amazing vintage braun hair dryer. model hld-5. bright orange and black, with two pill shaped buttons. one button for high and low setting, and the one with the red dot is the on/off button. single heat setting. it's not a strong hair dryer, but it looks incredible and it's a beautiful design object. in very good working used vintage condition.would be great for anyone who's a fan of mid century design, braun, deiter rams, or reinhold weiss.

8.25" long
3.5" wide
cord is 74" long

designed by reinhold weiss in 1972.
produced by braun de mexico
model: HLD-5
50-60 hz


so this is a listing that i have in my vintage shop on etsy.  a reasonable price for an amazing highly collectable design object.  HELLO!!! REINHOLD WEISS!!!  his work is on display at the moma!!  it's not garage sale cheap, and not antique shop high.  somewhere in the middle.  i think it's a super fair price, and i would be happy to pay that for this hair dryer, but i already own one.  

first of all, shipping anything from canada is stupid expensive.  so i have to factor that into the prices.  it takes a long time to photograph and research everything i list.  calculating the shipping cost takes time.  the listing itself takes time.  carefully packaging and waiting in line at the post office takes time.  etc... blah blah blah.  

i find that i get an unhealthy amount of convos from people asking for discounts.  I'M NOT A FLEA MARKET!! oh and how about the time that someone asked me if i gave discounts to family members of the military? I'M NOT WALMART!!!  (ok, so walmart only had a military discount from 1998-1999, but you see my point.) i'm a reasonable person, if you're going to buy a bunch of items from my shop at once i'll gladly give you a small discount that reflects the time/cost you're saving me of packaging & shipping each item individually.  fair enough?  i'm not forcing you to buy anything, but i really am appreciative and grateful when  you do buy something from my shop, it's super nice to know that someone loves my vintage treasures as much as i do!  but this, this my friends, was my breaking point.  

this is the "offer" i received for the incredibly designed vintage braun hair dryer in excellent vintage condition pictured at the top of this post, and also listed at the reasonable price of $80 + shipping. 

and if you follow me on twitter, you would have seen today's customer service level that was posted this morning, and you would have never sent me this insulting offer.  right?  right???  that being said, my response is posted below.  

EFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF.  to all the people who have asked for crazy-ass discounts, here's a discount code for you, for just being you:  PISSOFF.  i bet your mother told you were special like 8 times a day.  


crystal rollo necklace

just finished making this necklaces.  the crystal rollo necklace is a fancy version of my rollo necklace, but draped with loops of chain and adorned with three chunky irregularly faceted clear crystals.  i've been hoarding these crystals for years!!  they were just too pretty to use,  i love that they're all chunky and full on inclusions, chips and natural "defects"...  i think i'll be making more one of a kind pieces like this necklace... it's kind of fun to make more elaborate one of's, and not have to worry about production, etc... oh and this is the first time i made my own headpins!  they're super fun to make.  


leather t-shirt bag "B"

ok so i've named this bag "B".  because it's the second leather t-shirt bag i've posted on etsy.  i've just gone back and named the first one "A".  you'll never catch giving my stuff cutsey names like cinnamon, bambi or misty.  unless it's a bag i've specifically made for a stripper.  and do i love strippers, so don't get me wrong, i'm not trying to insult strippers, but just saying that i prefer a ridiculously boring & innocuous name, because the name "misty" doesn't really add anything to this bag.  i mean the bag is big enough to fit several pairs of stripper heels and a g-string.  whatever.  i didn't even name any of my stuffed animals as a kid.   

anyway, leather t-shirt bag "B" was made from a mix of a crazy vintage leather dress, a vintage leather jacket, as well as new leather for the strap & binding.  lightly studded with matte black pyramid studs, fully lined, tons of pockets.  one of a kind.  the front has a triangular panel with a leather covered snap.  the back has an angled triangular pocket as well as a zipper pocket.  three cheers for leather.  


yup, it's snowy.  i'm thankful for the craploads of organic/fair trade hot chocolate&instant coffee ghetto mochachinos i'll be drinking today, and also, that i can watch my neighbours dig their cars out of knee high snow from inside the house.  winter driving is for suckers!  oh i guess i should also take this moment to thank all of my lovely friends with cars who have given me a ride home on many occasions.  awkward.  

locket progress

soldering the pieces together.  the colours that came appeared after soldering were so beautiful!  they aren't really showing up in this photo.  i made the domes with the hydraulic press.  
cut out the two halves.  three tube settings, three tabs for a clasp, three prong setting.  
finished the hinge, pierced holes for hanging, cut and bent the clasps, gave the locket a light polishing to get rid of any scratches, and then oxidized it. 
set the stone!  my teacher gustavo did pretty much all of the setting.  the stone is a crystal with chips and inclusions and it cost me $1.  i just loved the shape & facets.

this is the locket i've been working on for the past few weeks in my hydraulic press/chasing & repoussé class,  and it's nearly done!  50 hours/7 classes just blew by!  i should be able to post finished pictures of it by the end of the week.  i was taking photos with my phone, that's why they're a bit weird.  i'm pretty excited to make more constructed pieces of jewelry now that i'm more comfortable with uh, measuring, and soldering.  jewelry is fun!  i'm going to throw out my sewing machines!  um just kidding.  


fringed rollo necklace

this is the modern & grown up version of the fringe necklaces i used to make.  i used to make fringed leather chokers with & without feathers, leather garters belts, and leather neckpieces. (hello 90's) i even managed to get a merch table at the black & blue ball in nyc  one year because a friend of mine was the host.  OMG i don't remember where i was going with this, because our UPS friend just told us that there's a guy living behind our house in a couple of shipping containers.  he brought this up, because a HUGE tree in front of my house was cut down this morning, and he was wondering why the guy hadn't stopped by to pick up the wood because apparently his shipping containers are wood heated.  WTF.  he also told us that this guy has a yellow dog.  i'm horrified because how could i have not noticed that there's a guy living in shipping containers behind my house, and also fascinated because i would kill for a tour of his home. (unless he kills me first.)  i've always wanted a pre-fab shipping container home.   what a resourceful guy.  maybe dwell will come by and write an article about him.  here's the cut&paste description of the necklace fr/my etsy listing because i can't concentrate anymore right now.  

this is the fringed version of my big rollo necklace. oxidized sterling silver chain necklace with a centrepiece of chunky 1/4" oversized rollo chain dripping with strands of oxidized chains. the silver was oxidized to a deep matte black and then hand rubbed to bring back a bit of shine to the black oxidized sterling silver. this necklace will evolve as you wear it, and will become shinier over time.

measures 26" around so you can slip it over your head, and the longest pieces of chain fringe are 5.5" long.  

freshly listed in my etsy shop... 


maru's various hairstyles

this post involves cats and fashion.  maru is my favourite internet cat.  i need a haircut too.  i've currently got long un-styled hippie hair that i have to pull back into a braid because it's gotten so long.  i still want long-ish hair, i don't want bangs again, because it's just a bad situation with my bike helmet during the summer, not sure what to do.  i kind of want a super butchy haircut, but when i shaved the sides of my head years and years ago, it make me look kind of sickly and it also made my face look super fat.  i don't have the face shape for that i guess.  i'm not too keen on something asymmetrical.  or short.  dunno.  guess it's going to be "just a trim".  



here's a little something i made oh about 5 years ago.  i didn't get around to finishing it until this week.  (i.e. put a ring on it and hang it on a chain.)  it's a big silver chrysanthemum, it's 1.5" across.  i carefully sculpted every single little petal in wax, and it took forever.  so it's a one of a kind pendant.  i oxidized it to a deep matte black, and then polished the crap out of the outer petals and the tips of the inner petals.  comes on an extra long 28" rhodium plated sterling silver chain.  freshly listed in my etsy shop.