saturday class

i like the "negative" left in the pitch!

a little something i made in class this week... i'm learning how to make dies for a hydraulic press, and also repouss√© and chasing.  so i textured the copper in a rolling mill with some fishnet fabric, made a general skull like shape with the hydraulic press, and then hammered all the the details in with little tools i made myself in a previous class.  pretty fun.  

my tools in progress
i haven't really been that into the hydraulic press, the results don't really excite me.  i'm still much more into lost wax casting, i dunno, the hydraulic press isn't really doing much for me.  i don't really see myself buying a hydraulic press and making jewelry with it anytime soon.  i'm still enjoying the class (even though it's from 9-5 on saturdays), getting to practice my french and learning lots of new techniques.  

some textures tests, for earring parts.

i'm making a locket for my final project, and i'm pretty excited about that, probably because i plan on putting my friend's dead grandmother's  tooth in one side of it, and perhaps a lock of hair from my first haircut in the other. 

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