math class

oh so i've been on a mild geometry themed jewelry kick.  here are some new pendants and one new/old piece.  from top to bottom.  bad polyhedron, this is what happens when polyhedrons go wild (kind of like girls).  tetrahedron, this one is self explanatory.  and cube.  the cube is a piece from a few years ago, but i've re-done it in oxidized silver so it's a rich deep black and i've paired it with 14K rose gold & yellow gold plated silver chains.   yay math.  

btw, not all asians are good at math.  it's a stereotype.  i was horrible at math.  i certainly brought shame to the noble surname of "HO".  i even had a (non-asian) math & physics tutor to keep me from failing both classes in high school.  in an ironic twist, my tutor was a dirty old creeper who happened to have a thing for asian (school) girls.  (in my case, hos.)  years and years later, my mother spotted him out and about with his very own young asian ladyfriend.  i went into the final with 49%, and got 51% on the exam.  i passed physics with 50% average thank you very much.  i was going somewhere with this, but now i can't remember.  so now i'm going to the gym to catch a fungus off some communal free weights and maybe something special off of the treadmill.  like yellow fever.  bwahahahahahaha... cough.  

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