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i had the most intense five hour tattoo session yesterday.  having needles in and around your armpit is really not a good time.  it's the the most horrible painful, ticklish feeling ever that makes you want to leave your own skin.  a total of ten hours done, and one more session next month, and then my epic piece of permanent krista bursey art will be completed!  bartering is the best!!!!!  we've had this ongoing and endless trade for years... i make her jewelry, clothing and leather stuff, and she's a phenomenal illustrator/painter/artist... originally the trade was for a huge mural in my house, (with naked ladies of course) or airbrushing on the car i only ended up owning for one day, but then she started tattooing, and well i love tattoos.  anyway, i'll do a tattoo post once the project is competed.  but here's a sneak peek of the first part of it: 
yes it's a cat.
anyway, thought it was an appropriate time to introduce my new pendant.  a knife!  it's very practical. i've used it to open letters, cut tape and poke my boyfriend in the arm.  if you work at an office, you could probably write this purchase off as an expense. or pay for it with petty cash. this little knife is quite sharp you know. so use your common sense while wearing it. no contact sports, roller coasters, holding babies etc.  i don't want to get sued. 

the blade is cast in solid sterling silver, then filed, sharpened and polished. i carved the handle in ebony, and the ebony comes from offcuts that i've been collecting and hoarding for years, waiting for just the right project. each little knife is one of a kind as i carve each one by hand and i'm not a robot.  (how's that for a good customer service attitude?)

2" long including the bale, 3/8" at the widest part
comes on a 20" or 24" sterling silver chain.

available in my etsy shop.   hmm, i wish i could come up with some better knife puns.  looks sharp?

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