new necklaces: big rollo & double wheat

made these before the holidays, but didn't get around to properly photographing them until now!  oxidized sterling silver chain necklaces, with a centrepiece of chunky oversized rollo chain, or two loops of wheat chain.  (and of course whatever other chunky big chains i can get my hands on).  i hand rubbed the chains to add a bit of shine to the black oxidized sterling silver. this necklace will evolve as you wear it, and will become shinier over time.  these are kind of like a flexible version of my oxidized braid necklace!  

a perfect simple necklace to wear everyday (well, i've been wearing mine nearly every day), slips right over your head, and it's also great for layering with other necklaces.

26" all around.

just listed in my etsy shop!

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