new: foxtail earrings

i wanted to make a simple long earring that wasn't too flashy or whorish.  these are dangly oxidized sterling silver earrings made from a square foxtail chain. the long foxtail earrings hang 4" down from the stud with a thinner chain connecting the bottom of the foxtail chain to the oversized butterfly back.  the short foxtail earrings are made with a slightly thicker square foxtail chain and hang down 2.5" from the stud.  these were oxidized to a matte black and then hand-rubbed to bring out some shiny silver highlights.  the last photo shows both lengths worn together.  freshly listed in my etsy shop.  


  1. genius and not too whorish. he he. i want some

  2. LOVE two chains in one ear.


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