my jewelry set-up

this is the jewelry station portion of my studio.  there's also giant desk/paperwork/research station, serger station, sewing station, industrial sewing station, shipping station, leather station, two commercial rolling racks, a wall of fabric and not a lot of floor.  all crammed in about 200 sq. ft.  thank goodness for floor to ceiling industrial shelving.  

i bought the desk off of craigslist for $30, i'd been looking for a small single pedestal oak desk for ages.  before, i was using a 50's double pedestal steel tanker desk, but that thing was a monster, and way too big for the space, so i sold it.  i spent about 2 weeks stripping this desk, it was painted blue (my most hated colour) painted speckled white/grey underneath, and then a thick coat of gooey varnish.  i stripped it down to the  bare wood.  even underneath.  an interesting learning experience, wouldn't do it again.  

kozyndan prints above the desk.  

an antique machinist tool box right below that.  i found that treasure on ebay, years ago.  it was falling apart, machinist tool boxes that weren't falling apart were wayyy out of my price range.  i refinished the entire thing.  love the little drawers, i even lined them in new felt.  

ear protectors, respirator, safety glasses hanging off of the shelf.  diagrams of some of my necklaces with measurements.  the essential foredom flexshaft, polishing machine, lots of little drawers for little parts & supplies.  the green box on the right wall is a little antique wooden box (the most perfect tiny dovetailed corners!) i drilled it into the wall and turned into a shelf.  there's a electric wax pen living in there, crock pot of acid balanced on top, ultrasonic underneath.  hmmm.  i use a small butane torch.  that's a tv on top of a filing cabinet on the left.  and a giant jug of poison under the desk from my friend aisling.  oh and to your right, poof on her window perch.  


  1. Is Poof grooming herself -- so cute.

  2. wow your little workroom looks so cute, elaine! loved reading this...especially the crockpot of acid bit.


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