sorry for the misleading title of this blog post.  no whores here.  but i was trying really hard to combine the words horse and ornament, and "hornament" or even "horsenament" just didn't have the same ring to it as "whorenament".  this is a little christmas ornament i made from mongolian horse hair, and leather and the roundest most perfect jingly jingle bells ever.  i've had an entire horsetail's worth of hair hoarded for ages, and i've attempted to make horsehair jewelry, but it's a tricky material to work with.  who knows, maybe whoreshair necklaces for spring??  

so back to the whorenament, some friends of mine have an "tea & toddies" event each year around christmastime, and everyone brings an ornament for the tree.  so fun! and and and... they had a craft table, with a HUGE bin of the dreamiest supplies ever, so i spent the entire time at the craft station, and made a crapload of ornaments (that double as cat toys) with raffia and feather and ribbons and gold stars.  oh, and playing with a super adorable cat named dorian.  (see below) and on a somewhat un-related note, the first few times anyone called me "prolific" i didn't know what it meant, i thought it was something dirty, or psychic.  


  1. that sounds fun!!!! cute cat!!

  2. I thought that was your own hair.

  3. um if this was made from my own hair, i'd have to call it a "HOnament".

  4. good point.
    hey, new product idea!


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